James Corden: Back at it Again


James Corden, what a guy. This man is the king of viral content. Show me one person who hasn’t used company time watching one of these.  I swear to God, the second I see these videos pop up I immediately drop everything and make sure I watch this.  Some say Grammy’s are the ultimate achievement for these guests, but we all know it’s making it into James Corden’s car. Agents are chomping at the bit to get clients in that passenger, even George Clooney agreed to being a co-star, backseat wannabe to get his face in with James Corden.

But what is Selena wearing?  That outfit screams, “I know I’m so hot and untouchable that I’m going to wear this terribly unflattering 70s sitcom male outfit and people are still going to talk about how beautiful I am….touche Selana…you beautiful vixen you.


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