Trump Gave Charlie Sheen Fake Diamonds?

Do I want to believe this story? More than anything. More than the desert needs the rain. Do I believe this story? No, absolutely not. Anyone who thinks Charlie Sheen is a reliable source and not a never-ending fame seeker is out of touch with reality. Once it came out that Charlie Sheen knowingly exposed women to HIV, he lost all credibility. Using Trump in general while being interviewed will get you trending in minutes and Charlie knows that.

That being said – I need another source because I need this to be real. I need to see the cuff links, and then I need to see a photo of Trump wearing those cuff links. It’s like when Marcia Cross found that photo of OJ wearing the Bruno Magli shoes that he killed Nicole in and everyone was like OHHHH (but they weren’t really, because he was found innocent, but you get the gist)

And I know the entire point of Sheen telling this story was supposed to be about how Trump is actually poor and a fraud, but all I got out of it is that Trump and Charlie Sheen were running in the same circles at one point and if you don’t care about Trump’s homophobic, misogynistic and racist comments, you at the very least should believe that the President of the US should not be friendly with Charlie Sheen.

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