The Notorious RBG Can’t Even with Trump Right Now

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, man, what a lady.


This week, The New York Times publish an article on Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg.  Justice Ginsburg had a lot to say, but naturally the conversation revolved around Trump and the Senate blocking President Obama’s Supreme Court Justice Nomination of Merrick B. Garland.  And let me say, RBG may be 83 years old, but she has not lost one bit of fire.

When prompted about the presumptive Republican Nominee, RBG responded:

“I can’t imagine what this place would be — I can’t imagine what the country would be — with Donald Trump as our president,” she said. “For the country, it could be four years. For the court, it could be — I don’t even want to contemplate that.” –The New York Times

Now this is a statement that has been said before by dozens of other elected officials, but RBG speaking to the press about it is other level drama.  We rarely hear from members of the Supreme Court, they are usually represented by that unfortunate photo of them in graduation robes sitting in kitchen chairs that were arranged by their parents and vote tallies.  Never with their own personal opinions.

The skinniest OG knows how to side eye like a boss

The skinniest OG knows how to side eye like a boss


It’s obviously no surprised that RBG would not be a Trump supporter.  She is a liberal Supreme Court Justice and a registered Democrat, but clearly this statement goes being just wanting her party to win.  For a woman who has had to contemplate the most confusing, morally bending, country shaping, constitutionally binding decisions to basically say, “Ugh, I can’t even deal” when it comes to a possible future president, it’s a bad sign.

And the betchy remarks did not stop there.  When asked if the Senate had an obligation to review Judge Garland’s qualification, RBG said:


“That’s their job…There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being president in his last year.”


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God damn RBG, do you.




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