Trump’s Snapchat Filter is a Power Move



The Donald J. Trump for President, Inc made an unreal marketing power move today by buying a nation wide Snapchat geofilter.  Donald Trump has struggled to gain support from millennials throughout his campaign, with an overwhelming amount backing his opponent, Hillary Clinton.  To say Donald Trump has taken the road less traveled during this campaign season would be an understatement.  With almost no money put towards traditional media, a nation-wide geofilter is an incredibly strategic move with 70% of Snapchat users being millennials. Not only will users be seeing this filter, everyone who puts it on their Snapchat stories or send that filter to their friends will see it.  With an incredibly impressionable age-range, will it pay off?  Possibly.  Millennials love selfies.

And since we are giving credit where credit it due, could Kim Kardashian have been the inspiration for this?  The Queen of selfies herself came out last week saying she was unsure of who she will be voting for, that Caitlyn Jenner was trying to sway her to vote for Trump.  All I am saying is don’t be shocked if TrumpMoji’s come out next week.


Donald Trump Snapchat


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