Hillary Clinton Might Be a Robot

Throughout this current Presidential election, mudslinging and name calling has been abundant, possibly more abundant than actual policy discussion. Hillary is a liar, Trump is a sexiest, Hillary is a criminal, Trump is bankrupt. Most of the name calling has been based in a small sliver of reality, perpetuated and grown through the intense media coverage during the entire campaign. However, one rumor has stayed consistent – that Hillary Rodham Clinton is in fact a robot.

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Sweat

I Dont Sweat .gif

Leave it to Buzzfeed to ask the questions that we, the people, need the answers to (I’m serious). On Another Round, a Buzzfeed podcast, one of the hosts brought up how they have never seen Hillary Clinton sweat, even under all the lights. Anyone who has ever been on camera knows the stage lighting can become incredibly hot, which is why most people can be seen sweating on camera. After being pressed, she admitted she uses solid block deodorant, but also the strangest thing about her is that she doesn’t sweat.

What else doesn’t sweat? Robots.

Hillary Short-Circuited


Short Circuited

How do you send emails? With computers. How do you make robots? With computers (I think…)
In the beginning of August, Hillary Clinton admitted to possibly misspeaking when describing FBI Director James Comey’s statements about her truthfulness during the email server investigation. Comey said the FBI had found over one hundred emails containing classified information, which was awkward since Clinton said they didn’t find anything. Clinton described this conclusion as, “I may have short-circuited it, and for that I will try to clarify.”
Short-circuited…LIKE A ROBOT.

Hillary’s Robot Clapping


As Hillary’s health was being called into question this September, footage of the Democratic nominee quickly went viral. As she sat behind Obama at the University of New Hampshire, Clinton began clapping rather…roboticaly.

Hillary’s Body Double



Following Hillary Clinton’s quick departure from the 9/11 remembrance memorial, the New York Post reported that she was headed to the emergency room, however, she detoured to her daughter’s house instead. Nevertheless, she emerged later that day looking healthier and skinnier making people believe she has a body-double, leading to the belief there is more than just one Hillary Clinton.


Metal Fell Out of Hillary’s Pant Leg


Could this have just been her reading glasses? Yes. Did this even happen? Maybe. Is this a substantiated claim? I mean, no…but, details people! As Hillary fell ill during the 9/11 remembrance ceremony and had to be escorted to her car. It later came out that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia days before and was having trouble standing in the heat.
However, on her way to the car, some noticed a piece of metal falling from her pant leg – as if a screw had come loose.

Hillary Doesn’t Understand When to Laugh



Emotion, the one thing humans will always have over artificial intelligence. We have seen Hillary be stern, proud, upset, and angry. But, those are all in the same ballpark, one emotion Hillary has yet to master is happiness. She has consistently laughed at the oddest times, and often laughing more than anyone would in an attempt to over compensate for her less than jovial demean. Watch these two clips and try to tell yourself it seems normal.
And finally…

Fly Lands on Hillary’s Face During the Second Presidential Debate

This sealed the deal. During the last Presidential Debate, a fly landed directly on Hillary Clinton’s face. She did not flinch, nor did she swat it away, she just went on as if nothing happened. What human has ever had a large fly land on their face and not had a small freakout? The only explanation is that she is not human.
She’s a robot.

And she’s still more qualified to be president.

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