Jeff Sessions & Russia…So Hot Right Now

Jeff Sessions does not plan to reveal information about his private conversations with President Donald Trump during his testimony tomorrow before the Senate Intel Committee, according to sources close to the Attorney General.


Neither of the intelligence officials formally invoked executive privilege. Coats said he was declining out of confidentiality concerns that were not legal in nature. Both men said they’d asked the White House for guidance on whether they should discuss conversations with the president.

“To be honest, I didn’t get a definitive answer,” Rogers said.

Sessions is slated to be publicly questioned about his contacts with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. He will also likely be asked if he had conversations with Trump about his intentions to fire former FBI Director Comey as a way to end the Russia investigation. Sessions has said that he only had two contacts with Kislyak, but Comey testified in a private hearing that Sessions had in fact had three contacts with Kislyak.

Comey also insinuated that there were multiple reasons behind Sessions’ recusal from the Russia investigation, beyond his involvement in the campaign.

The relationship between Sessions and Trump has been particularly tense in recent weeks. Trump has blamed Sessions for the special prosecutor who is now investigating the White House and has told the Attorney General that he shouldn’t have recused himself, Sessions won’t reveal information about conversations with Trump.

A White House official said Trump will be watching the hearing closely. -Via Politico

Woof – That is A LOT of hurt feelings in one workplace.

You may remember Jeff Sessions as one of the few political figures that were Do or Die Trumpers from the start, or maybe from the intense and negative news coverage he received after Trump nominated him for Attorney General (…because he’s like kinda racist), and if that doesn’t jog your memory, you probably know him best as the man that Former FBI director James Comey begged to not to leave him in a room alone with President Trump.

Or maybe you best know him as the spitting image of the Keebler Elf.


He also happens to be the highest ranking prosecutor in the entire country, who had to recuse himself from the entire Russian investigation after it became known that he had “failed to disclose” in entirety his involvement with Russia during Trumps campaign. If that wasn’t enough, last week during Comey’s testimony, Comey revealed that the FBI had evidence through Russian to Russian communication that Sessions had a third unknown private meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Although private conversations with Trump are more than likely not going to be discussed, Sessions will be asked to further explain his involvement with Russian officials.  We are sure not to get a straight answer from Sessions, however, it is almost gaurenteed this will further the disruption within the White House, which will only lead to further distrust, paranoia, and leaks.

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